Dex Carrying Case


After testing various storage solution products, Level 99 Games officially recommends the Dex Carrying Case as your ideal on-the-go storage solution to Exceed and BattleCON! 

The Dex Carrying Case comfortably stores 18 Exceed or BattleCON fighters (15 in the primary tray and 3 more beneath the playmat), enough to carry an entire season of Exceed with you on the go. The accompanying pouch stores any tokens you need to track life or game state, and any of our premium play mats will fit snugly in the designated compartment.

With the easy to carry handle, comfortable design, and detachable shoulder strap, the Dex Carrying Case will adapt to however you choose to carry your gaming supplies. It's a joy to open and unpack for a quick game of Exceed or BattleCON on the go!

Available in: Black, Blue, Green, Red, and White