Unleashed Shipping & BattleCON Errata — Coming Next Year

Unleashed Shipping & BattleCON Errata — Coming Next Year

Unleashed Shipping & BattleCON Errata — Coming Next Year

Hey everyone! The new year is almost upon us! I'd like to take this opportunity to report on where we are with Unleashed's fulfillment. We also promised a plan for errata by the end of the year, so here's that.

Fulfillment Details & News

Fulfillment should be complete just about everywhere in the world with the notable exception of a small handful of Australian orders with add-ons (our pallet of add-ons was delayed another 10 days at port—crazy!)
If you have tracking information already, please wait at least 4 weeks from when you received your tracking. This is a little more than we would usually recommend, but mail is delayed all around the world. We want to give the postal services time to get sorted from holiday delays and avoid sending replacements preemptively.
If you haven't gotten tracking or shipping information yet, now is the time to reach out to our contact form so that we can make sure everything is all right. We'll either find your tracking and confirm your pledge, or we'll make sure that something is scheduled to go out to you.
Please be sure to include your Kickstarter email, shipping address, and pledge details (tier, receipt number, etc) and anything else that might be relevant so that we can address your issue without too much back-and-forth.
We are just back from the holidays (starting next Monday) and so there's a significant backlog of requests for us to address. Our service team is just two members, so please be patient with us. We hope to handle all issues within the next two weeks.

Phase 2 — Grand Chronicle

There are still a few things remaining to deliver as part of this project. A number of you are still awaiting the Grand Chronicle, some play mats, or NOIR of Indines. We will continue to post updates regarding this portion of the project until those are fulfilled.
Currently, we plan to complete and deliver the Grand Chronicle on or before September of 2021.
If you want to get a copy of the Grand Chronicle and you didn't pledge for one, we will be making pre-orders available at a later date. Look out for that update on our website and newsletters!


When building a project as complex and nuanced as BattleCON 4th Edition, it's inevitable that there will be some mistakes. In the interest of making the game as perfect as possible for collectors, we want to ensure you have the opportunity to get corrected cards if you desire.
First and foremost, none of these issues are game-breaking. We anticipate that the errata sheet is all most players will need to cover any questions that arise during gameplay.
We've taken the past two months to evaluate errata in BattleCON and categorized them into two groups.
High Priority Errata are things that could confuse or impact gameplay. There are about 32 cards in this group.
Low Priority Errata are errors in text templating, small graphical glitches, or similar issues that might make you stop and say "ha" but won't actually impact your gameplay experience (except on that aesthetic level).
For both sets of errata, we're taking these steps:
First, we will have an errata sheet which addresses the high priority cards. This can be printed on your home printer and used to address the minor questions these cards introduce.
Second, we will have a downloadable PDF of the high and low priority cards (separately). If you're the crafty type, you can download these cards and print them yourself.
Finally, if you prefer professionally printed versions, you will be able to get the high and/or low priority cards (separately) via DriveThruCards.
We plan to have all of these options available to you around the end of January.
Thanks so much for supporting and playing BattleCON! We hope that you're enjoying the new 4th edition so far!