2021.3.5 - Collusion Complete Shipping & Errata Update

2021.3.5 - Collusion Complete Shipping & Errata Update

2021.3.5 - Collusion Complete Shipping & Errata Update

Greetings friends. 

Another week, another Collusion update. Please keep checking this space weekly for new developments. 

Just to reiterate—there is still a lot going on right now. 

If you are waiting for tracking numbers or missing an add-on, please DO NOT contact us just yet. Give us a few more weeks to complete delivery of the project, and then we will send out a call for any missing items.

Last week, we received over 300 tickets. We are working through these, but response times are quite long now with just 2 customer service team members. Please DO NOT contact us to tell us about broken trays. We will reach out to you when we have a solution from the factory. 

World of Millennium Blades Artbooks

Last week I explained that for logistical reasons, we were planning to ship the art books later this year. We're currently re-evaluating that decision, and checking in on the costs of doing things earlier than expected. I'll keep you posted on progress on this front.

Storage Tray Damages

We are still working with the factory and shipping companies to determine a remedy for the damaged trays. 

Once again, please DO NOT send us a ticket at this time in regards to this issue. 

Once we have figured out how this component will be replaced, we will post an update and let you know what to do to claim a replacement.


We are still figuring out the costs of sending out updated dividers and a few other errata cards to backers around the world. We'll post new information once we arrive as a solution to this issue.

Play Mats

Bullet♥︎ is starting to arrive at fulfillment centers around the world. If your pledge was waiting on a mat, you can find details on that below...

North America

Most North American pledges have been shipped in full. The only exceptions are the two groups below.

North America + Card Sleeves

We have placed the order and paid for the card sleeves. The factory still hasn't given us an exact date for delivery on these yet, so I won't speculate. As soon as I do have a timeline, it will be posted in a weekly update.

North America + Play Mats

We're currently shipping the play mats from port to our fulfillment center in New Jersey, set to arrive first thing next week. From there, they will be forwarded on to our fulfillment center in Michigan, where they can be distributed to you alongside Collusion.


Spiral Galaxy Games has received our goods and our payment. Shipping should begin very soon. Look out for a tracking number from Spiral Galaxy soon.

Much like other zones, Pledges which contain play mats will only ship once that ship arrives in the UK, which is now scheduled for arrival on March 14th.

EU Add-ons

We've gotten things worked out, and if you're awaiting add-ons in the EU, you should see tracking from Spiral Galaxy Games very soon.

EU Pledges with Play Mat

We are still waiting on the play mat to arrive so that we can ship the final few pledges in the EU. That ship was delayed a bit, but should have arrived today.

We are awaiting confirmation from our freight company to ensure that it has landed and unloaded.

AUS Add-ons

In Australia, Play Mats have arrived. We have the last few Millennium Blades Pledges heading out now.

We are awaiting confirmation from Unicorn Games to see if there are any new developments.


Everything is shipped out, except for the Artbooks which are being addressed separately as explained above.