What's inside Millennium Blades Collusion? (Unpacking Guide)

What's inside Millennium Blades Collusion? (Unpacking Guide)

What's inside Millennium Blades Collusion? (Unpacking Guide)

As we prepare to wrap up Millennium Blades Collusion, I've created a quick guide to help you understand what's in the box and how it all goes together.

This guide will also cover some common questions about the contents of the game, and a few production issues which we are currently figuring out how to correct.

Without further ado, here we go!

Completed Box

To start out, here's a look at the completed box. If you choose not to sleeve, everything will fit into one box.

That same box, assembled

If you sleeve, you'll need both boxes (and possibly a forklift) to store Millennium Blades. :D

(I apologize there's no picture of this. I was going to sleeve my own copy and show this option, but with games arriving now in the USA, I felt it was more important to just post ASAP.)

The Box

Collusion comes in two boxes. The red box will contain all of the gameplay components, while the blue box is just a tray and some caddies for money wads.

If you choose to sleeve all the cards your game, you'll use both of these boxes. If you don't, then you'll be able to fit everything into just one of the two boxes (as shown above).

The contents of the red box may have gotten a bit jostled during shipping, and the central tray may have warped due to the motion and weight of the contents. If this has happened, you can fix it easily with a few minutes under a hair dryer. Just loading up the box and putting the money caddies on the outside of the bowed areas will also gradually correct them.

Even when cracked, the plastic holds its shape well, so most minor damage is easily addressed with a little tape on the reverse of the tray, where it will be invisible.

We humbly ask backers to see what they can do to correct minor tray damage before requesting replacements. Because our replacement parts are limited and are expensive to ship for such a large component, please reach out and request a replacement only if your trays are irreparably damaged.

Millennium Blades Collusion Money Caddies

The Money Caddies can be used to store all of your Millennium Dollars. They can also be placed around the table during gameplay to provide easy access to cash for all players. The bottom portions of these caddies can be used to store sell markers and RP cubes (you can also choose to store these in the "save game" boxes mentioned later).

Six Mini-Expansions

Six Mini Expansions for Millennium Blades Collusion
You should find six mini-expansions inside the box. These are the crossover promo cards and some stretch goals from the project. Thanks for backing and sharing Collusion!

More Money

Money in Millennium Blades Collusion
Extra green (1's) money wads have been included in Collusion to accomodate the sixth player during larger games.

New Player Boards

Six New Player Boards in Millennium Blades Collusion

A new set of player boards features updated iconography and explanations of the basic actions in the game.

6th Player Components

6th Player Components in Millennium Blades Collusion

We've included components for a 6th player, including *finally* Light-type Sell Markers and some extra +5 and +10 Star Tokens. 3 RP tracker cubes are also included, as well as a few punch components used by Destine.

Bunches of Cards

New Cards in Millennium Blades Collusion

The inclusion of 500+ new cards is how you know Collusion is an Authentic Millennium Blades Product™️

Errata/Patch Cards

Errata cards in Millennium Blades Collusion

Cards in this pack are intended to replace matching cards from previous releases. You can throw away the old cards as you integrate these into your set. It includes

  • Guardian Beast Sami (from the Gods and Myths Starter and the Set Rotation Core Set)
  • World Turtle Tarask (from the Gods and Myths Starter and the Set Rotation Core Set)
  • Total Destruction Deckbox
  • Treasure Hunt Deckbox
  • Time Warp Deckbox
  • Alliance Deckbox
  • Friendly Alien Lettstrade's character power.
  • Friendly Alien Lettstrade's co-op power.
  • The Card Shark's character power.
  • The Card Shark's co-op power.
  • Cardine Kolleckta's co-op power.
  • Raritti Sikhar's co-op power.

If you accidentally mixed these cards in, it's easy to tell which one is old and which one is new. The updated cards have Collusion's small 'handshake' set symbol in the bottom center of the card.


These dividers are used to separate each of the card sets in the game. There are a few slight misprints on the dividers, which are detailed here:

  • Unclear Components — These aren't errors, but the storage of some cards may be confusing...
    • There is no divider for Aaron-G's Mystery Cards. These are intended to be stored together with his character cards.
    • There is no divider for Skillian's Keyword Cards. These are intended to be stored together with his character cards.
    • Event cards are sorted together with the Near and Far Gold Promos.
    • Metagame and Team Power Cards are intended to be stored in the Misc section.
  • Missing Dividers — Set dividers for Starter Decks introduced in Set Rotation were left out of the box. These sets are...
    • Gods & Myths
    • Megalopolis
    • The Great War
    • The Academy
    • Animal Farm
    • Future Perfect
  • Misprinted Dividers — A few set dividers show incorrect set logos or incorrect rarity symbols. These are...
    • Temporal Odyssey — This should have been "Terrene Odyssey."
    • Esper X, Seventh Cross Heroes, War of Indines — These were printed as Silver Promos, but they should be Bronze.
    • Devastation of Indines — This was printed as a Bronze Promo but should be Silver.
    • Penny Dreadful, The Ultimate Steel Cook, Ultimate Kaiju Throwdown — The symbol on these dividers is misprinted, but the coloring is correct.
    • The Sports Set — This was printed as a Silver Promo, but should be a Master set.
    • A number of Master Sets Dividers were printed with brown border coloring instead of red border coloring. These cover Master Sets from Base and Set Rotation.

We are examining potential remedies for this situation and will present them in a future update.

Venue Cards

New Venues from Millennium Blades Collusion

The new venue cards have a different coloration than the original ones from Base. However, this should not affect gameplay as these cards are publicly revealed at all times during play.

Updated Score Pad

Updated Score Pad in Millennium Blades Collusion

The new Score Pad is in full color and includes scoring reference for a 6th player, plus updated lines for NPC scoring, and removes the line for money scoring.

Customization Stickers

Customization Stickers in Millennium Blades Collusion

Customize your box—or anything—with Millennium Blades Chic! Also shown here are customization stickers which you can use (along with some markers) to make your own Millennium Blades cards!

Neoprene-backed Store, Aftermarket, and NPC Mats

Millennium Blades Collusion Game Mats

These mats are a big upgrade over the paper mats included with base, and will help to keep your key game areas separate from the mass of cards floating around the table. They may be a little bit wrinkled from shipping, but laying them out flat for a day or two will straighten them out.

Same mats, 48 hours later

These are those same mats, 48 hours later.

Game Save Tuckboxes

Millennium Blades Collusion Game Save Deckboxes

With these tuckboxes, you can save your cards between rounds of Millennium Blades. This is really great if you want to try a 7-round boss rush or want to play your game in breaks.

Rulebook and Duelist Guide

Millennium Blades Collusion Rulebook and Duelist Guide

The included rulebook is a rulebook not just for Collusion, but a revised complete rulebook. You can safely throw out your base game rulebook and the rules sheet in Collusion to replace them with this new complete book.

The Duelist Guide is a complete guide to the lore and sets of Millennium Blades. You'll find each card set broken down and each character's lore expounded upon.

Collusion Quick Rules Sheet

The Quick Rules Sheet provides a quick update to Collusion—it's basically a list of changes between the base rulebook and the new Collusion rulebook. Give it a quick read so you can see the gameplay differences if you're already a Millennium Blades veteran. However, you can discard it in favor of the complete rulebook when fitting out your box.


Throw these out immediately!

After loading up your new collusion box, you should be able to safely throw away all this stuff:

  • Old Rulebook
  • Old Set Rotation Rules Sheet
  • Collusion Updates Sheet (if you wish)
  • Tuckboxes for Mini-Expansions
  • Old versions of Errata Cards
  • Old Player Boards from base
  • Old Store and Aftermarket Mat

Other Notes

In this photo, you can see the the Mystery Cards, the Keyword Cards, Meta Cards, and the Near and Far Event Cards. It can be a little confusing where these go.

Mystery Cards are stored together with Aaron-G.

Keyword Cards are stored together with Skillian Taupeht.

Meta Cards and Team Power cards are stored in the Misc Section. This is a good place to—for the moment—store the Set Rotation Starter Decks that don't have dividers.

Near and Far Event cards are stored together with the Near and Far promo set.

Pixel Tactics Bonus Cards

Pixel Tactics Bonus Cards in Millennium Blades Collusion

We didn't think you had quite enough cards by this point, so we included a few more. This Pixel Tactics mini-expansion brings the card-slinging icons of MB to your Pixel Tactics table.


We hope this unpacking guide helps you to get the maximum enjoyment out of your new copy of Millennium Blades Collusion! If any of your parts are missing or damaged, please reach out to us for replacement parts.

If you want to chat, make sure to @ us on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram when you share your unboxing photos! Tag your photo with #CollusionConclusion once you've outfitted your box!