Bullet Universe — Late Backing Open

Bullet Universe — Late Backing Open

Bullet Universe — Late Backing Open

The Bullet Universe Kickstarter is now open for Late Pledges. If you missed out, this is your chance to get new expansions for Bullet, plus a bunch of exciting extras that we've created!

If you are in the USA, click here to back: https://www.level99store.com/collections/bullet-universe-pledge-manager-usa

If you are outside of the USA (or if you are willing to pay shipping from the USA), click here to back: https://www.level99store.com/collections/bullet-universe-pledge-manager

In addition to the Bullet games themselves, we've got a ton of exciting extras that were brought to life by our art showcase initiative. It's truly an amazing time to be a fan of Bullet.

Here's a preview of those items:

99 Heroes Bullet Showcase

If you back any tier of Bullet Universe, you’ll find a copy of our upcoming game 99 Heroes inside your package.

99 Heroes is a new non-random collectible game that we’ve created to showcase the independent artists and epic characters of Level 99 Games' original worlds. Check it out!

The cards in 99 Heroes are huge high-quality art prints that double as both collector-quality prints and a playable game. They display beautifully in a 5x7 photo binder.

In addition to these oversize art cards, the only thing that you need to play 99 Heroes is a deck of standard playing cards.

99 Heroes packs are printed in limited quantity, but each pack is the same, so you always know what you’re getting. More will be available soon!

You can buy extra packs if you’d like, but there’s already one in each Pledge.

Art Sleeves

These are just general gaming goods that aren't required for Bullet, but might be useful for any game you play (they do fit Bullet, if you choose to use them there).

Here are the sleeves that we selected based on the recommendations of backers:

All three varieties of these art sleeves will be available while supplies last!

They work with just about anything Level 99 Games makes, as well as popular card games like Magic the Gathering, Pokemon, Flesh & Blood, etc.

Gaming Mat

Likewise, we selected this gaming mat to produce based on backer comments:

Like the sleeves, the stylish Senka mat will be available while supplies last via the Pledge Manager.

It’s not designed specifically for Bullet. It pairs well with any card game you like.

Perfect Fit Deckboxes

On the recommendation of some of our fans, we’ve stocked Perfect Fit Deckboxes from Burger Tokens.

These boxes are designed to store either 15 or 30 sleeved cards. This makes them perfect for organizing the heroines in your Bullet collection!

Because we source these from the USA, they will only be available in the USA Pledge Manager. However, if they prove popular, we’ll endeavor to make them available to you worldwide through future projects.

One set of 15's is enough for Bullet Heart. You might want to grab a set of the 30's if you're packing Star, because weirdos like Memory and YNN have a lot of extra cards.

Playing Cards

We put together two collectible playing card decks for Bullet Universe! These feature the artwork of Nokomento!



One deck is in full color, the other is black and white.



Dead by Daylight?!

In a strange twist of fate, our reprint of Dead by Daylight™: The Board Game will be shipping at the same time as rewards for Bullet Universe.

This is a great opportunity to get Dead by Daylight together with your pledge and save on shipping—especially if you’re outside of the USA.


Thanks for supporting Level 99 Games and for playing Bullet! I can't wait to send you some games later this year!