Empyreal, Grand Chronicle, New BC Promos, Old MB Promos

Empyreal, Grand Chronicle, New BC Promos, Old MB Promos

Empyreal, Grand Chronicle, New BC Promos, Old MB Promos

It's been a busy month for us in the Level 99 Games office.

Even though we haven't had any big announcements or launches, we've been working hard on new projects to show off in the later part of 2021.

We look forward to sharing with you the first previews of the new season of Exceed, as well as project "Killdeer" in the next month or so as Empyreal and Sakura Arms are produced. Please stay tuned for these exciting developments!

It took a little longer than expected, but we finally have the Empyreal: Far Corners Pledge Manager available! If you missed out on the project, or if you're interested in getting some of the other new items that we're offering (see below!) you can log in now to grab those.

There's a little something for everyone in this project!
Visit the Pledge Manager
In addition to Empyreal, we have 3 new items available in this Pledge Manager:
  • Grand Chronicle - The giant artbook detailing the history of the World of Indines, with over 300 illustrations and a treasury of lore and artifacts from the world.
  • Game of the Millennium Promos - A few years ago, we released these Millennium Blades promos as a limited-time April Fools item. Since then, they've been nearly impossible to find. Now you have the opportunity to get a set of your own!
  • Himel Nine - We've put together a brand new BattleCON Fighter to add to your collection. Himel Nine is a defensive slugger with a colorful personality and awesome power.
You don't have to purchase Empyreal to get these items—you can choose the "Participate" tier for $0, then add-on other things to your custom pledge.

We're very proud to announce the delivery of these new items, as well as to bring you the new printing of Empyreal this year.

With the world emerging from the lockdowns of the pandemic, we at Level 99 Games look forward to summer barbecues and long nights of gaming with friends and family ahead. We hope that your summer is a great one too!

Thanks so much for being a part of Level 99 Games! As always, happy gaming!

D. Brad Talton Jr.
Level 99 Games, President

Project Status

Watch this space for the status of our current and future projects!
We apologize for an editorial error in last month's report. It was reported that Bullet Orange had completed transit. We intended to convey that the game was still in transit, as it is now. Bullet Orange is still scheduled for a July 2021 delivery.