Preparing for 2021

Preparing for 2021

Preparing for 2021

Level 99 Games is preparing for some big changes in 2021. We're revising the way that we share news and keep you up to date on our upcoming games and projects in progress!

Starting in January, we will be merging and together into a single site (accessible through either URL). This new site will encompass our store offerings and our news to create a single source for all things Level 99 Games.

Each of our current and upcoming game offerings will have a portal on this site. From the portal, you can learn more about the games, see the latest news, learn the status of shipment and delivery, and more. These portals will help to keep all of a game's news, information, downloads, FAQs, and more stored in one single place.

Kickstarter updates will also be mirrored onto these portals, so that you can always track the latest status of any game by visiting our new site.

You can already see the first such portal on our existing site, for BlazBlue Exceed!

Look out for more portals coming soon, and a brand new home page in 2021!

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