Monthly Updates, Factory Photos, and Arm Yourself - Honoka

Monthly Updates, Factory Photos, and Arm Yourself - Honoka

Monthly Updates, Factory Photos, and Arm Yourself - Honoka

Greetings friends,

Production is going smoothly for Sakura Arms. The presses are rolling, and BODA estimates that production will be complete by the end of October. At that point, all the components will be printed and ready. Here are a few photos from the factory of everything currently in progress.

Card sheets awaiting cutting at the factory. Each page eventually becomes a single shrink-wrapped deck of cards.
Game boards printed and ready for mounting onto chipboard. The die-cutting comes after the mounting is complete.

We've seen a digitally printed sample of the games in our last update, but for our final approval, it's important to check an actual production sample that uses the components you see above.

Once things are done, BODA will assemble the first few units of each game and send them to us. These "factory firsts" will be checked for proper materials, packaging, and assembly.

If anything is wrong at this stage, it's expensive to fix—usually that will mean reprinting components that have already been produced. 

Typically, this step moves pretty smoothly. We might decide to adjust the order that components are placed in the box, or get additional padding to ensure that everything survives shipping intact.

We've already put things in motion to book ocean freight for the games' journey around the world. With any luck, things will arrive sooner than later, but at this point it's still too early to say anything about the ocean freight situation as we move towards the end of the year.

If you have time and want to play some Sakura Arms, you can join the Level 99 Games Discord to find opponents, and you can play anytime via Tabletopia. We also have a scheduled game event on 10/10. If you want to jump in and learn to play Sakura Arms, it's a great time to do so!


Click here for a google calendar of live community events.


In a final bit of news, we are reprinting Bullet♥︎, which sold out earlier this year, alongside Bullet★, a brand new game in the series. Both of those games will be available for pre-order on October 5th. Make sure to reserve your copy on 10/5, and you'll get a download of the Bullet★ soundtrack!

I hope that you have a great weekend planned! I'll be back with more news next month.

As always, Happy Gaming!

- Brad

(Honoka has quite a few more cards than the average Goddess, so her reference starts on the front!)

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