Arm Yourself - Kururu and Development Update!

Arm Yourself - Kururu and Development Update!

Arm Yourself - Kururu and Development Update!

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Development Update

Now that we're at press, we've been dealing with digital proofs, which can be a long process.  When files are sent to press, there is a back-and-forth between us and the printer to make sure they understand the project in its entirety. Since all they have to go off of are the manifest of line items and the files, it can sometimes be time consuming to answer any questions they might have regarding the project. Not to mention if your manifest isn't just exactly so, there might be some additional tweaking on our end as well.

Once press thinks they understand the project, they'll send us digital proof files. These show all of the components laid out so that we can be sure all the backs and fronts match and that all the files are correct. Like this!

Normally we'll have to go through a few sets of these digital proofs since they're never quite right the first time. Once they're all good to go we'll get an advanced physical test proof of the game to make sure that everything looks good in the real world as well!

Currently, as I mentioned earlier, we're still finishing up some final digital proof passes. We hope to be done with them within the next week or so and receive a physical proof sometime in May! Maybe I'll be able to show that off next month alongside another Arm Yourself update! 

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