MB Again: Blades for Millennia Plus Pledge [US Exclusive]


For the truly untenable, card games are not enough. In this tier, you get EVERYTHING MILLENNIUM BLADES (that we're producing in this project).

This US-exclusive version also includes the Millennium Blades Artbook and Game of the Millennium Promos, which were printed previously and are not being reprinted at this time.


  • Millennium Blades Base Game
  • Game of the Millennium Promos
  • World of Millennium Blades Artbook
  • Set Rotation Expansion (expansion 1)
  • Draw Power Expansion (expansion 2)
  • Decked Out Expansion (expansion 3)
  • Deluxe Upgrade Pack
  • Millennium Blades Playing Cards
  • Millennium Blades Gaming Mat
  • The Millennium Soundtrack
  • Multiverses Beyonder Mini-Expansion
  • 99 Heroes MB Indie Showcase
  • 99 Heroes Strike a Pose Showcase
  • 2400 Clear Sleeves