50 Premium Gaming Sleeves (50ct Pack)


Level 99 Games' Premium Card Sleeves are designed with board gamers in mind.

These 90-micron weight sleeves are top of the line, satisfaction guaranteed. Comes in packs of 50. Fits standard USA size playing cards (2.5" x 3.5", or 63.5 x 88 mm, Magic the Gathering™ compatible) 

How many packs do you need?

You will have a few sleeves left over after sleeving with these amounts.

Any Exceed Box 4 Packs
Dead by Daylight™: The Board Game 2 Packs
Dead by Daylight™: The Board Game – Collector's Edition 4 Packs


3 Packs


3 Packs

Bullet Orange

2 Packs

Pixel Tactics 1–5 or Legends 2 Packs
Mega Man Pixel Tactics Sets 2 Packs
Pixel Tactics Deluxe 6 Packs
BattleCON: Devastation 15 Packs
BattleCON: Fate, Wanderers, or Trials 5 Packs
BattleCON: War 7 Packs

BattleCON Solo Fighters
1/2 Pack
Millennium Blades (Base Game) 16 Packs
Millennium Blades (Set Rotation) 8 Packs
Millennium Blades (Mini-Expansions) 2 Packs
Argent: the Consortium 4 Packs
Argent: 'Mancers of the University 2 Packs
Argent: Festival of Masks or Summer Break 1 Pack