Bullet Component Templates & Customs Tips

Bullet Component Templates & Customs Tips

Bullet Component Templates & Customs Tips

If you've been having fun with Bullet, you may also be excited to create your own awesome heroines to play as! In this blog, we'll give you some simple tips for designing Bullet characters as well as the tools to make them!

Marco's 3 Easy Tips for Bullet Custom Design

    Keep It On-Theme!
      • Your heroine should SCREAM their gimmick and personality. Esfir is a powerful gravity-user with equally powerful movement. Young-Ja possesses bullets and throws them out of her sight. Find your heroine's "thing" and make it shine!
      Keep It Simple!
        • There are many ways to translate your heroine's "thing" into the game. While it may seem like the correct path to bend the game's mechanics around to fully emulate the experience you want, it is often best to go for something more elegant that will give the same FEELING as the experience. Err on the side of simplicity. You'll find that it saves you a lot of time!
        Keep It Going!
          • While balance is important, it is more important that your heroine provides an experience that is engaging and fun! Don't be afraid to try things that seem "broken" or "too out there." It may surprise you that that cool thing ends up being completely fine. If it doesn't work out, no problem! You can just try again!

          Interested in a more in-depth look at Bullet design? Check out this episode of the livecast where Josh, the designer of Bullet, talks about the process and things he considers when making heroines:

          The Templates

          Below are the templates that were made by our AWESOME Bullet custom community. They've been putting out a lot of great work and have made some radical custom heroines. From heroines with multi-colored vision to alchemists with exploding potions, there's a wide array of creativity on display!

          Please be sure to consider our fan work policy when creating your heroines!

          You can also share your creations with our online community!

          And if you're curious about Bullet, you can get all the details here!

            Photoshop Templates (by subdog)
              Component Image Blanks

                The Photoshop Templates by subdog are editable and let you change text and the art on the components with ease! Thanks for the awesome work, subdog!

                The Component Image Blanks contain blank PNG files for you to use in the image editing software of your choice (for those of you who don't use Photoshop). Simply download and import them into the program!

                For those of you who want to know the exact fonts:

                Subtitle: Industry 14pt (Demi Italic)
                Heroine Name: Industry 36pt (Black Italic)
                Flavor Text: Industry 11pt (Book Italic)
                UA Name: Industry 22pt (Demi Italic)
                UA Text: Industry 14pt (Book Italic)
                Action Cost: Industry 24 pt (Ultra)
                Action Effect/Shield Effect: Industry 9pt (Book)
                Action Board Heroine Name: Industry 14pt (Black Italic)
                Warning Text: Industry 9pt (Bold)
                Pattern Flavor Text: Industry 7pt (Book Italic)
                Pattern Heroine Name: Industry 6pt (Bold Italic)
                Pattern Name: Industry 14pt (Bold Italic)
                Boss Pattern Effect: Industry 9pt (Book)
                Bullet Numbers: Industry 24pt (Ultra)

                All card designs, icons, images, and like on this page are © by Level 99 Games, and are provided only for personal use only. They may not be integrated into any commercial work or product.