Bullet Status Update 4.2.2021

Bullet Status Update 4.2.2021

Bullet Status Update 4.2.2021

Greetings friends,


Earlier this week, I jumped the gun and reported a few zones complete which weren't wholly finished. Honest mistake. Here's the most current status on zones around the world.




We had an issue where about 150 EU backers hadn't had their games shipped out yet, and instead only got their add-ons shipped by Spiral Galaxy. Those are being resolved now, and you should see a tracking number from Fulfillment Europe very soon.



VFI Asia had finished shipping out the Chinese copies, but they use hubs around the continent that had not yet sent out games. So to explain, VFI sends 20 games to another fulfillment center in Malaysia, then those games get dispatched from within Malaysia to individual backers.


So here are the timelines for greater Asia.


Malaysia ETA 4/21

Japan ETA 4/15

Taiwan ETA 4/15

Singapore ETA 4/28

Philippines ETA 4/30

Thailand ETA 5/5

Indonesia ETA 5/20


Once things arrive at the hubs, we expect delivery within 7 days or so.


I'm still not sure why these dates are so far out, given that we shared addresses with them right after Chinese New Year. It's likely that there were a large backlog of Kickstarters waiting to ship in early March, and we weren't informed of the delay.


But the important takeaway is that things are in motion—not lost nor forgotten. 



We still haven't heard from Canadian customs. I'm optimistic that we'll be able to get these games back in motion next week though. Please watch this space for updates.



Please leave a Review or Rating!

It's been a difficult year and we can all use a little positivity. If you're enjoying Bullet♥︎, we humbly ask you to leave us a rating on BoardGameGeek


Reviews and positive feedback are a big part of a successful launch. You may not realize it, but your review can tip the balance towards future Bullet expansions and more games coming out in this exciting new world. So please, even if it's just a number, leave us a rating on BGG! 


Once again, that link is here: https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/307305/bullet/ratings?rated=1&pageid=1


Missing Items

If you do not receive a tracking number or you are missing any add-ons, please DO NOT contact us just yet. We're still resolving some shortfalls, and we plan to reach out directly to affected backers within the next 2 weeks. We will be sending out a call in mid-April to ask you to file a ticket if you haven't heard from us yet.


Damaged Games

If you receive a damaged game or need replacement components, please go ahead and send a ticket. We are working through a large backlog of tickets, but we hope to have all the missing and replacement parts for Bullet out by the end of April.





Spanish-Language Editions

Melmac is still in the pre-press stages of delivering their edition, so Spanish-language copies are a few months out. We've transferred your pledges to Melmac Games, so they will keep you up to date via email. You can also continue to check these updates for news. Non-Bullet♥︎ add-ons will still come directly from Level 99 Games.


Japanese-Language Editions

Asobition is finishing up production of their edition, so delivery should begin in the next few months. We've already transferred your pledge information to Asobition, so they will keep you up to date via email. You can also continue to check these updates for news. Non-Bullet♥︎ add-ons will still come directly from Level 99 Games.


Chinese-Language Editions

Banana Games has already finished printing and distributing the Chinese-language edition of Bullet♥︎. If you are in the USA or another zone and are waiting on a Chinese edition, we are arranging this now. Please wait just a few more weeks for updates. Non-Bullet♥︎ add-ons will still come directly from Level 99 Games.

Returning Next Week: Empyreal

Next week, we are launching our next big project: Empyreal Far Corners.

This project is a reprint of Empyreal: Spells & Steam, as well as a new expansion. As you may know, Empyreal launched worldwide in 2020 and then sold out before the end of the year. We're running a second project to offer this premium game to everyone who missed out the first time around, as well as to create some new goodies for fans who backed the first printing.

You can preview the Kickstarter Page here, and let us know what you think!


I hope to see you there on Tuesday! :)