Arm Yourself - Utsuro, plus Timeline Updates

Arm Yourself - Utsuro, plus Timeline Updates

Arm Yourself - Utsuro, plus Timeline Updates

Want to see more of Utsuro in action? Check out all of her cards in our Tabletopia mod!


Greetings friends,
It's hard to believe that ten months have passed since we launched Sakura Arms. The digital production copy due in July is still in transit at the time of this writing.
Next Tuesday, the Sakura Arms Pledge Manager will be closing up for late pledges and add-ons. As Production begins, the time has come to lock down pledges so that the factory can know how many units to produce. Please make sure to finalize your pledge!
As long as you have input your address and paid shipping, you will still be able to update your address until shipping begins.

Announcing Delays

It was clear a few months ago that there would be delays on Sakura Arms. The translation of later goddesses proved much more complex than early goddesses. Proof-reading was an intensive, multi-stage process. A few features, such as the double-layered game board, required extra work that wasn't anticipated.
Production is something that is fairly well understood. If there are no issues with the digital production copy, then Production should be done in October at the latest.
However, worldwide freight is still in disarray. October is right when things get even more fraught for the holidays.
Normally Ocean Freight and Fulfillment take about 3–4 months. These days it can take far more. Because larger companies have the resources to outbid smaller companies on shipping space, it's very difficult to reserve cargo during a worldwide shortage like this.
Due to these factors, we have moved the anticipated delivery date to May 2022. That's a long time. If things go smoothly, delivery will happen earlier. But it's better to anticipate delays than to apologize for them after the deadline passes.  As usual, you can expect monthly updates during this time describing exactly what is happening with the project.
Thank you for your support of Sakura Arms!
Please look forward to photos of the digital production copy when it arrives!
- Brad

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