Sakura Arms Production Update - Advanced Physical Proof

Sakura Arms Production Update - Advanced Physical Proof

Another month, another update! With how big today's update is, I'll be holding off Arm Yourself until next month so I can give this update the attention it deserves!

Before we start production, we always get a physical proof of the final product to confirm everything looks about how we want it. This proof is printed by the printer in-house, not at the actual printers. It's not an exact replication of the final product, but it's very close! Here's a preview of the Yurina box!

After reviewing this proof, we noticed a few minor issues that we've since corrected. The coloration of the Yatsuha box was a little too close to the Yurina box, so that was updated. Also the gameboards and goddess boards that attach to them didn't attach very well, so we've had the cutlines updated and will be reviewing a white proof of them soon to make sure they will connect without any issues. All that to say production should begin soon!

Thanks for joining me for this update! I'll see you next month for another Arm Yourself!


  • I preordered and am super excited. Is there stated somewhere the thickness (depth?) of the tuckboxes? Like, if I wanted to display them all in a row from their side. I just wanna daydream about how they’ll look on my shelf until May comes. Cheers!

    Dave on

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